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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions – please feel free to use of CONTACT FORM if you have any questions not answered below.


Do you Register most TLDS [Top Level Domains]..?

Yes, we are Members of NOMINET and directly register domains with them in the .UK Domain Space.
We are also Channel Partners with other Registrars around the World.   We always aim to provide robust, high quality registrations on your behalf at competitive rates.

Do you charge for Transfers In to You or Away from You..?

No, we will however pass on any costs to you if we are charged by the Registry or Our Channel Partners.  Please note: Many changes require purchasing an extra year’s registration, eg.

Do you offer AutoRenew…?

Yes, this is our default option – you will need to OPT-OUT of autorenewal via your Control Panel

If I don’t renew what happens..?

Shortly after expiry your domain will cease to work and access to your website and emails will be removed.  In addition, emails may not be delivered.  It is therefore important you renew in good time. This is why the default position is that domains will autorenew

Each Registrar has a recovery period during which you can reactivate your domain.   We charge a small admin fee for this service and you will required to pay in full for the renewal period.

Ultimately you could lose all rights to your domain – please see the section on Failure to Renew below.

Many autorenewals fail because Credit Card details are out of date or expired.   Please ensure we hold valid payment details for you at all times.

Can I lose my domain..?

We would like to say never but there are a few instances where this might happen:

  1.  Cybersquating:   You should NOT register a name that impinges on another’s rights such as Trade Marks.  For example, you might lose your domain if you register googlesearchengine.something.  As you would expect google might get upset.   We can offer a simple UK IP check and can advise you on great domain names.   However, if the first domain registration date predates the TM Registration date you may be able to do so, eg. successfully fought off an attempt to have its domain hijacked by an American Vineyard.

    We offer a specialist advice service in these cases.   

  2. Reverse Cybersquatting – Reverse Domain Hijacking: 

    Corporate Lawyers in particular American lawyers are notorious for attempted  reverse domain hijacking – we strongly suggest you contact Us if you are threatened by a large law firm.   However even The New Zealand Government has lost a case of attempted Reverse Domain Hijacking – proving that even the great and good can get it wrong.   There are serious penalties in the UK, EU and most other jurisdictions for Reverse Domain Hijacking.  For more on this topic, visit

  3. Criminal or Inappropriate Use:  You MUST NOT use a domain name for Criminal or Inappropriate purposes.  For example, selling fake goods or spamming, scamming, phishing or otherwise defrauding people.

    Representing yourself as something you are not is equally unacceptable, eg. claiming to be Professionally Qualified when you are not or using restricted words without consent.  In the UK this includes the use of words such as ‘bank’, ‘royal’ etc unless it is clear that people cannot be confused, for example willowbank.tld may be inappropriate without a banking licence whilst willowbankcottage.tld or foodbank.tld would not cause issues in most cases.

    We reserve the right to suspend domains registered through Us without notice or recompense, pending investigation, should we suspect you of inappropriate behaviour or use of any domain registered through Us.   If you believe we have acted excessively please visit Our Complaints Page and we will work with you to resolve any issues or concerns.  In all cases where we are contacted by a Registrar or Civil Authority we will suspend your domain so as to prevent further abuse unless they have asked us not to, eg. to obtain evidence against you.

  4. Failure to renew – Expired Domain Transfers:  Please see the section above.  After a minimum of 30 days we reserve the right to transfer your domain to ourselves, thereafter you will no longer ‘own’ or have any other rights to the domain.  These transfers are highly regulated by the tld registrar and we, of course, abide by both the letter and spirit of their regulations.

    Your Control Panel includes an explicit acceptance of this term, if you OPT-OUT then we will not discriminate against you but recovery of your domain after expiry may become difficult as we will release the domain immediately as no longer required and it may be offered for sale by the Registry without further notice.  We strongly suggest you DO NOT REMOVE the authorisation.C


Do you offer Hosting…?

Yes, we offer hosting to domains registered through US – we do not currently offer 3rd Party Hosting.   We offer:

  • Dedicated IP Server Hosting with root access
  • Dedicated VPS Server Hosting with dedicated IP or Shared IP with root access
  • Shared IP Email and WordPress Hosting [no root access]