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Selling domain names is not what it used to be, a lot has changed over the past few years some are good and some not so. We have been in the domain name trading business since 1999 and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of trading domains. In this article we have put together a domain name selling guide that will help you in selling domains.


There are two distinct choices when it comes to selling your domain name.   The first is via TRADER who will offer you their appraisal of what your domain might be worth in the domain aftermarket.  The Ownership transfer to the Trader and he is thereafter responsible for renewal fees, domain disputes etc.

The second choice is to place your domain with a MARKETPLACE but…   There are a lot of sharp practices, some marketplaces are known to “Buy-in” domains below value and hold them waiting for a willing buyer.   Whilst a well run auction can sometimes provide a better price, commissions of up to 30% are not unheard of.

We operate as DOMAIN TRADERS.


We own a wide portfolio of domains – click here to see OUR DOMAINS UNDER MANAGEMENT page.   We list many domains both in our shop and on eBay.   We are always open to offers and collaboration proposals – please just get in touch everything is confidential and we love chatting to fellow domain investors.